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We have the expertise that comes from thousands of implemented projects and 8 years of automating corporate processes swiftly in different marketing verticals. Through process automation, we helped companies to improve their performance by gaining time, reducing costs and mitigating errors.


The best world is that which brings a present connected to the past and the future.

Yesterday tells us a lot: it shows us the right way and teaches what needs to be improved. The future inspires and boots new possibilities and achievements. The present is the conducting wire that connects everything and brings meaning to this network.

Yank believes in the power that yesterday, today and tomorrow hold together, the power to transform the moment and create a better world. Our essence is innovation, but our main intelligence is respecting history – our customer’s and ours. Technology is nothing without human perception, after all. And today, the world is nothing without technology.

We know present’s worth, and that’s why we benefit from artificial intelligence so you can have more time to what really matters: your team, your pairings and your life. Yank! Enjoy your time with intelligence.


To supply all our customers with technological solutions so that they can experience an excellent digital transformation to get the best results possible, besides increasing the quality in delivers and reducing risks. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is capable of offering the best environment for companies and teams to benefit from time with more efficiency.


To be reference in robotization of repeated corporate processes through agile methodologies. To us, Artificial Intelligence is capable of bringing real value to businesses and allows companies to benefit from human intelligence in a productive, fair way.


Positive attitude Respect Partnership Commitment Innovation Flexibility Opportunity Transparency

In our company, we believe that with positive attitude and commitment the working environment gets much lighter and open to innovation, our projects get flexibility when customized, changes become simpler to be implemented and problems are made into learning and evolution opportunities. Besides that, through transparency in all human relations, in and out of the company, tend to make our goals reachable with swiftness, respect and excellence.

We are one of the best companies to work!


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