Our specialized team is fully dedicated to analyzing, developing, and maintaining automations aligned with your business.

Our specialized team works exclusively for your company, dedicated to creating, implementing, and maintaining automations. We provide comprehensive support. The Yank Panel offers a comprehensive project overview, enabling data management and analysis for complete control.

What does R-BPO add to your company?

Dedicated squad

Enhanced communication agility between clients and suppliers with an on-site allocated team.

Delivery agility

With a defined and approved budget in the R-BPO contract, we achieve faster deliveries.

Structural sharing

In addition to on-site resources, the client leverages Yank’s technical infrastructure, CSC, and monitoring.

Efficiency guarantee

The client benefits from Yank’s expertise in identifying robotizable opportunities with ROI.

Greater profitability

Using RPAs to optimize the business workflow.

Savings guarantee

Enabling agility and deliveries, optimized infrastructure, and relieving the client from billing costs.

All of this and more, seamlessly:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ready to start reducing costs with Yank?


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